Eczema, asthma and allergies

Food allergies and learning to cook with new ingredients

  Meet Lisa Munro from Happy Tummies, a website specialising in food allergies that makes it easy to find natural, organic and allergy free food your family will love.   She is sharing her tips on learning to cook with new foods, which is something parents with kids that have food allergies need to master.…

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Dairy free recipes for breakfast

I want to share a couple of my Naturopathic clients’ stories with you (don’t worry the dairy free recipes are coming!) Ryan is a 16-year-old promising football player who has suffered from Asthma since he was very young. He has been getting more competitive with his football over the last few years he was feeling…

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Top 10 additives to avoid in kids

It would be nice to think that the food we have access to on the supermarket shelves was safe but the truth is there are hundreds of food additives added to the everyday foods we eat! These food additives have been deemed safe by regulatory bodies in Australia but some of them are banned overseas,…

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