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natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies

3 Natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies in your family

3 Natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies in your family   Itchy eyes! Nasal congestion! Sneezing! These seasonal allergy symptoms can ruin the feeling of spring and summer can’t they? Seasonal allergies are essentially an overactive immune system that is reacting to substances in the environment that is shouldn’t such as pollens and grasses. The…

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What Naturopathy can do for your child’s health?

  What can Naturopathy do for your children’s health? I share the Naturopathic approach that can get to the bottom of your families health concerns. Take the Quiz to find the exact area to focus on to boost your child’s health Find out more about working with me      

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Do Your Children Need Supplements?

  It’s one of the most important questions on a parent’s mind, especially now that we’re living in a modern world, where toxins and chemicals can be commonly found in food. So let’s talk about it. Watch the video where I share my views on supplements, why your kids may or may not need it,…

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Your Child’s Gut Health

  We, naturopaths, are guilty of talking a lot about gut health. Well, everything just seems to relate back to our gut health. Whether you’re a health-concerned single individual or a parent, you need to watch this video. I’m going to share with you my knowledge on the importance of a healthy gut and what…

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Packing The Kids’ Lunchboxes

  Just curious, what do you put in your child’s lunchbox every day? Do you plan their lunchbox food ahead of time? Let me show you what my kids have in their lunchboxes. They love it and I’m happy to know they’re enjoying a well-balanced diet.

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3 Tips To Make Kids Eat More Veggies

  We’ve all had this problem and if you didn’t, well, you’re one lucky parent. So how can we entice our children to eat more veggies? Watch the video where I’m sharing my top 3 tips on how you can incorporate vegetables into your kid’s meals and make them eat their greens throughout the day.…

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Dairy Free Calcium For Kids

We all know how essential calcium is to the development of our kid’s bones and teeth. But how do you make sure that your kids get calcium when you’ve taken dairy off their diet? Watch the video above (or read below if you would prefer) I talk about the best sources of calcium that are…

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Iodine For Learning And Intelligence

If you want your kids to grow up smart and healthy, make sure they are getting a good amount of iodine in their diet. Iodine deficiency among children is a big problem these days and what’s scarier about it is that we can’t always pick up the signs. So in this video, I’ll help you find…

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Vitamin D for Kids

It’s the vitamin that helps in bone development and is also called the sunshine vitamin. Have you guessed what it is? In this video, I talk about Vitamin D and the important roles that it plays in keeping our kids healthy. I also talk about how we can make sure we all get our much-needed…

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