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Gut Friendly bone broth recipes

Inspired by my chat with Jo Whitton from Quirky cooking last week about her family’s journey with gut health and the GAPS diet I have put together a collection of lovely, gut healing bone broth recipes – all gluten and dairy free (and mostly grain free too!) Including more gut friendly, bone broth recipes in your…

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More than Homeschooling! Our trip around Australia

We have taken our kids out of school for a year to fulfil our dream of travelling around this beautiful country of ours in a camper. In our state of South Australia, it is really easy to get an exemption signed by the principal of the school your kids attend to take a year off.…

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The Truth About Food and Plastics

A guest post by Laura Trotta There’s no denying the convenience of plastics in the kitchen. We use them to carry, store and even prepare wholesome food for our families. But given plastics have been linked with obesity, early adolescence, infertility and even cancer, not to mention the fact that they take hundreds of years, if…

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Omega 3 for kids

Fish is an important part of our kid’s diets and most kids either aren’t getting enough of it in their diets or are eating the wrong types of fish – hello battered fish and chips! Now let me make it clear that the occasional fish and chips on the beach is more that ok by me…

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How to stay healthy when travelling

We set off on our Big Aussie Adventure 4 months ago and although we are not always perfect (Hello squid and chips on the beach and a few too many glasses of wine!) we have managed to stick to a real food diet fairly well. Food is one of the pleasures of exploring new places.…

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Our surprising and emotional first day back to school

Here I sit in silence. For the first time in weeks. With a whole range of emotions bubbling around inside of me. Worry. Relief. Guilt. Gratitude. Disappointment. Freedom. I have just got back from dropping the kids off at their first day back to school. A new school. This wasn’t in our travel plan but…

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Musings from our first month on the road as we travel Australia

I Thought I would share some random musings from our first month on the road as I travel Australia for a year with my hubby, 2 kids and our Jayco camper.   Travelling makes me feel like I am home again! There is something (a LOT of things) I LOVE about the travelling life. Exploring…

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Our Big Family Aussie Adventure

  Travelling Australia with our kids has always been something we would do someday. One minute it felt like they were too young and the next I felt like time was running out and they may be reluctant to go if we left it a few more years. So we decided now is as good…

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Leaky Gut Syndrome, symptoms, causes and treatment

  You have probably heard the term leaky gut syndrome. It is a condition I come across every week in my Naturopathic Clinic and there was a lot of interest in my Gut Health webinar last week about it. Here is a rundown about leaky gut syndrome for you………   What is Leaky gut syndrome? Our gut is…

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Dairy free recipes for breakfast

I want to share a couple of my Naturopathic clients’ stories with you (don’t worry the dairy free recipes are coming!) Ryan is a 16-year-old promising football player who has suffered from Asthma since he was very young. He has been getting more competitive with his football over the last few years he was feeling…

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Top 10 additives to avoid in kids

It would be nice to think that the food we have access to on the supermarket shelves was safe but the truth is there are hundreds of food additives added to the everyday foods we eat! These food additives have been deemed safe by regulatory bodies in Australia but some of them are banned overseas,…

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Liquid Gold – How to make bone broth

The idea of bones boiling away in your kitchen may not be very appetizing but I promise, once you taste the results you will never turn back. Not only do bone broths add amazing flavour to your foods they have many health benefits. They are highly nutritious, containing ample amounts of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium…

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