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Boost Your Kids' Immunity to Avoid a  Winter Full of Sickness

What you need to know to prevent constant runny noses, antibiotic prescriptions and coughing through the night this winter.
Jessica Donovan
Naturopath / Founder
Natural Super Kids
Wed 19th June
 7:30pm S.A. | 8pm Eastern 

🥝Have you had enough of the Snotty noses, Coughs, Fevers, Flu, Ear and other infections this winter?

🥝Does your child pick up all the bugs and then take forever to recover?

🥝Are you looking for alternatives to antibiotics, Panadol and other medications to keep your kids well?

We will cover:

What you need to know about your kids' immune system and how a natural approach can help avoid constant sickness.

The #1 sign that your child's immune system needs some attention.
The top 5 foods to include in your families diet to boost immunity.
4 common mistakes parents are making that are depleting your kid's immunity.
The 3 essential nutritional supplements that will supercharge your kid's immune system.
5 easy lifestyle changes to implement that will help your kids fight off infection.
My favourite herbs to prevent and treat infections in kids.
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