Healthy & Happy Kids Workshop
A FREE training series to help busy mums
raise healthy and happy kids!

with Pediatric Naturopath, Jessica Donovan!

Jess is also a mum of two so understands the challenges of #mumlife and is passionate about sharing practical advice that is easy to implement as a busy mum.

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You will learn:
The mindset shift that will transform you overwhelm into action.
The 5 dangers of our modern diet and lifestyle we need to be aware of as parents to protect our kid's health.
3 ways our kid's physiology differs from ours. (Knowing this will help you make lifestyle tweaks to help your kids thrive!)
The number 1 thing to focus on to boost your kid's health and nutrition.
8 simple and practical ways to add nutrition to your kid’s diet (even if they’re fussy!)
The 4 pillars for Healthy Kids we need to get right for our kids to reach their full potential.
5 toxins commonly found in family homes (and how to reduce your kid's exposure to these dangerous chemicals)
How food, natural medicines and a healthy lifestyle can eliminate your kid's health symptoms (as well as prevent health issues well into the future)
My step by step ‘Health & Happy kids’ approach that will reduce overwhelm, save you time and help you feel in control of your families health.
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