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Episode 25: Members Share Their Experience Of The Natural Super Kids Klub

    This week’s episode is a little bit different and I am so excited to share this with you! Today I will be talking to some of the beautiful mums from our Natural Super Kids Klub community – Naomi, Katrina and Celeste. Tune in as we talk about their health challenges before joining the…

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Episode 24: How To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics In Your Kids This Winter

  We are up to the final episode in our Immunity Series. In today’s episode, we are going to be covering what can be a controversial topic. The use of antibiotics and how you can avoid unnecessary antibiotics in your kids this winter. I see so many kids that are stuck on an antibiotic cycle.…

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Episode 23: Recurrent Infections in Kids – Ear infections, Croup, and Tonsillitis

  Today, we are continuing with our Immunity Series and focusing on some of those recurrent infections in kids such as ear infections, croup and tonsillitis. This episode is going to give you an insight into why your child may be experiencing these recurrent infections. Also give you some places to start when looking at…

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Episode 22: Foods To Boost Your Kids’ Immunity

  Today we are continuing on with our Kids’ Immunity Series! In this episode, I will be talking about how we can use food and nutrition to boost our kids immune systems. What action we can take to make sure our family’s immune systems are as robust as possible as we head into winter.  I…

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Episode 21: Understanding & Supporting Your Child’s Immune System

  Welcome to our first episode in our Kids immunity series! As we head into winter here in the southern hemisphere, I am going to share inspiring information and practical tips on Kids’ immunity. Their immune system, so you can keep your kids healthy over the winter! In this episode, I’ll be talking about how…

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Episode 20: The Dangers Of Non-Stick Cookware

  Today, we are continuing our discussion on reducing toxins. Some of those really detrimental chemicals and toxins that find our way into our homes. We’re specifically going to be talking about non-stick cookware. The detrimental effects that the chemicals used in non-stick cookware can have and some of the alternatives you can look at.…

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Episode 19: The Dangers Of Synthetic Fragrances For Your Families’ Health

  In this episode, we are talking about synthetic fragrances and perfumes. Where they’re found and why you want to think about avoiding them within your house. Especially when it comes to your kids’ health and exposure to them. As what we’ve talked about in Episode 4, reducing kids’ exposure to toxins and chemicals is…

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Episode 18: All About Dairy – Is Dairy A Problem For Your Child?

  Today’s episode is all about dairy. A seemingly popular topic to cover because it’s something I’ve been getting lots of questions and conversations about with our Klub members. Clients, and even on social media; given that there’s also a lot of confusion surrounding it.  For people who can tolerate dairy, it’s a great source…

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Episode 17: Creating A Healthier Home With Tammy Louise From Building Biology Mama

  Today, I’m talking to Tammy Louise, who’s a building biologist over at Building Biology Mama. Tammy’s work involves identifying and addressing health hazards within indoor environments such as a home. It’s a really interesting topic that I am excited to share with you today! In this episode, she delves deeper into why we should…

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Episode 16: Peaceful Meal Times For Mums With Belinda Smith

  In today’s episode, I’m excited to be talking to another amazing guest, Belinda Smith. Belinda is the founder of The Root Cause. The Root Cause is all about starting conversations with children, parents, teachers about food. How it impacts our health, learning, waste and the environment. Belinda and her team work with families throughout…

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