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Worried About Coronavirus? Boost Your Family’s Immune System Naturally

There’s a lot of conflicting and scary information out there about coronavirus right now. If you’re worried about your family’s wellbeing, you’re not alone. By taking a look at the facts and taking small steps to support the immune system, you can feel empowered instead of overwhelmed. Keep reading below or watch our two-part video…

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Have Children With Allergies? Why You Need To Look At Gut Health

The rate of children with allergies has gone through the roof. Almost every classroom in Australia will have at least one child with one or more food allergies. But why the increase in children with allergies? There are many factors involved when it comes to the development of food allergies. But one of the most…

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The Root Causes Of Eczema – Are They Hidden In The Gut?

  Want to address your child’s fussy eating by improving their gut health? Learn how to do just that with our FREE Gut Health For Kids Ebook – download your copy here.       Eczema causes issues for many children, affecting 1 in 5 infants. This itchy rash might not be a serious health…

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Does Your Child’s Behavioural Problems Stem From The Gut?

Countless factors affect how your child acts and feels on any given day. Fatigue, blood sugar levels, hunger, diet and stage of development all play a role. But one overlooked factor when it comes to behavioural problems is gut health. Poor gut health can contribute to or worsen your child’s behavioural issues. But by addressing…

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Is Fussy Eating All In Your Child’s Gut?

Are you dealing with your child’s fussy eating tendencies? It can be frustrating as a parent, and you may even think that your child is being picky just to spite you! But there is evidence to suggest that the answer lies in the gut. Gut health is an important piece of the health puzzle for…

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Probiotics For Kids – A Naturopath’s Advice

We know that gut health is important for our kids’ health. One way to support gut health is with probiotics. But when it comes to probiotics for kids, it can get a little confusing. There are so many options out there on the market! That’s why our head naturopath Jess has brought together what you…

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Omega 3s For Kids – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered why omega 3s are so important for kids’ health? Many people think of omega 3s as a supplement for older people because of the benefits for joint health. But omega 3s have specific health benefits for your child’s growing body. Watch the video or keep reading below to learn more about…

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The Best Multivitamins For Kids – A Naturopath’s Review

As a parent, you might have put your kids on a multivitamin. But what are the best multivitamins for kids out there? What do you look for in a multivitamin for your child to make sure they’re getting the most out of the supplement? We hear these questions all the time here at Natural Super…

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How Diet Diversity Supports Gut Health Naturally

A healthy gut has so many benefits for digestive health, immune health, mood, behaviour and more. One of the easiest ways to support a healthy gut is looking at diet diversity. But what does a diverse diet look like, and how can we encourage our kids to eat a more diverse diet? Watch the video…

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How Microbiome Testing & Stool Tests Can Assess Gut Health

Gut health is a hot topic right now. But how can you assess the health of the gut? The two most common types of testing are CDSA, or stool testing, and microbiome testing. Each form of testing has its own benefits and uses. So let’s take a closer look at how they work and which…

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