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Nutrients And Food For Acne – What Your Teen Needs To Know

Is your teen struggling with acne? Acne can be a concern for many teenagers, impacting their self-esteem and moods. Many medications for acne have unwanted side effects and can make skin worse in the long-term. If you’re looking for a more natural approach, there are some key nutrients and food for acne management that you…

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Understanding Puberty In Boys

Puberty is a time of growth, change and often less than pleasant symptoms! But when it comes specifically to puberty in boys, there are a few things to keep in mind. The hormonal changes that occur during a boy’s puberty are completely normal. However, if your son is struggling with problems such as an insatiable…

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Puberty In Girls – How To Support Your Daughter Naturally

Puberty can be a difficult time to navigate for any child. But when it comes to puberty in girls, the hormonal changes can lead to a variety of unpleasant and even embarrassing symptoms. Because these hormonal changes are normal, they aren’t something we can really ‘fix’. But there are still ways you can support your…

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Nutrition For Teenagers – Tips & Tricks For A Healthy Teen

Feeding a teenager can be a real challenge at the best of times. There is an increased need for optimal nutrition for teenagers, but they just want to eat junk food with their friends! This can make it tough to find a balance that everyone is happy with. If this is something you’ve been struggling…

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Inflammation – How Does It Affect Your Child’s Health?

Inflammation is something we talk a lot about here at Natural Super Kids. It relates back to almost every area of health, but it is particularly relevant right now due to its role in COVID-19. Although we hear about inflammation all the time, many people don’t understand the ins and outs of the process. That’s…

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Feeding Your Family On A Budget

Are you feeding your family on a budget right now? The cost of feeding your family can add up, no matter how many family members you have. Many parents think that shopping on a budget means purchasing foods that aren’t as healthy. The good news is that feeding your family on a budget doesn’t mean…

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Kitchen Tips To Boost Your Family’s Immunity Naturally

Immunity is a hot topic for parents right now. With the pandemic ongoing and flu season setting in, you may be looking to boost your family’s immunity. In this uncertain time, it’s important for us parents to feel empowered by what we can do, rather than worrying about what we can’t change. Although there’s no…

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How To Manage Stress And Anxiety During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has many people are feeling stressed and anxious at the moment – including our kids. This is totally normal, as anxiety is all about being uncertain about what the future holds. But if you or your kids are struggling to manage stress or anxiety, you’re not alone. The good news is that there are…

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Worried About Coronavirus? Boost Your Family’s Immune System Naturally

There’s a lot of conflicting and scary information out there about coronavirus right now. If you’re worried about your family’s wellbeing, you’re not alone. By taking a look at the facts and taking small steps to support the immune system, you can feel empowered instead of overwhelmed. Keep reading below or watch our two-part video…

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Have Children With Allergies? Why You Need To Look At Gut Health

The rate of children with allergies has gone through the roof. Almost every classroom in Australia will have at least one child with one or more food allergies. But why the increase in children with allergies? There are many factors involved when it comes to the development of food allergies. But one of the most…

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