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Why The Health Star Rating Doesn’t Help You Choose Healthier Foods

Have you looked at the Health Star Rating or other claims on the front of food products when it comes to choosing healthier options? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, many of these can be misleading. Food manufacturers do everything they can to make food appear healthier than it actually is. They know many of us are…

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Why Are Our Kids So Anxious? Exploring Anxiety In Kids

Have you ever wondered why your child is so anxious? Anxiety in kids is more common than you might think. In fact, it’s the most common mental health concern for children, and it often starts as young as 6 years old. If anxiety is not addressed when it first arises, it can lead to life-long…

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Food And Mood – The Connections That Affect Your Child’s Behaviour

Is there a connection between food and mood? Is this why your child has a meltdown after every sugar-filled birthday party, or gets cranky after eating a processed meal? The answer is – absolutely. The relationship between food and mood is a two-way street. What you eat affects your mood, and your mood can affect…

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Got A Fussy Eater? 5 Tips To Encourage Healthy Food Habits

A common question we hear is, ‘how do I get my fussy eater to eat healthy food?’ Let’s face it, it can be a challenge to feed our kids well these days, thanks to the processed food options and marketing that makes them irresistible to children. So if your child has fussy tendencies, it can…

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Enlarged Tonsils And Adenoids – A Holistic Approach

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids are common problems for kids to experience. Most GPs will rarely give solutions for the problem other than surgical removal. In fact, removing the tonsils is now the most common elective surgery for children. But simply removing the tonsils and adenoids doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Inflamed tonsils and adenoids can…

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Should My Child Have Dairy? When To Suspect Dairy Intolerance

Dairy is one of the most common types of food allergy and intolerance in children. An allergy is usually easy to spot, but an intolerance is less obvious symptom-wise. If you suspect your child has dairy intolerance or sensitivity, there are some important things to consider. Watch the video or keep reading below to learn…

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Have Kids With Allergies? How To Keep Them Healthy Over Winter

Over winter, I see a lot of sick kids with a variety of infections – from ear infections to croup, from coughs to full-blown flu. But the kids who struggle with persistent or regular infections are usually kids with allergies and atopic conditions. Kids with allergies are more prone to picking up infections, and it…

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Natural Croup Treatment And Prevention Strategies

There are lots of coughs, colds, and flu at this time of year. Another common infection you’ll often see in children is croup. Generally, croup will be a once-off, but some kids are prone to recurrent infection. The good news is that there are natural croup treatment and prevention strategies that can help. Watch the…

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Asthma Causes, Triggers And Natural Treatment Options

Asthma is on the rise in Australia. Over 11% of the population has asthma, but many struggle to manage the symptoms, particularly over winter. Let’s take a closer look at asthma, causes and triggers that make symptoms worse, why medications are only alleviating symptoms, and how natural treatment options can address the underlying causes. Watch…

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The Flu Vaccine For Kids – What You Need To Know

When the weather gets colder, I have dozens of parents asking me if they should give their children a flu shot. When it comes to the flu vaccine for kids, there is no right or wrong answer. Every parent needs to weigh up the risks and benefits for their kids. To make an informed decision…

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