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Have A Hyperactive Child? How To Manage Hyperactivity Naturally

Are you juggling a hyperactive child? Parents often tell me that they wish they could have their child’s energy! Kids are naturally energetic, and usually moreso when we want them to calm down. But a hyperactive child is more than just energetic. They will often have trouble sleeping, fidget and have issues with keeping still.…

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Do You Have A Tired Child? Common Causes Of Fatigue In Kids

It’s perfectly normal for kids to be exhausted sometimes. But if you’re dealing with a consistently tired child, it might be time to investigate why. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to have your child checked by a doctor. But I find that often the cause of fatigue is found in a child’s diet…

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Pyrrole Disorder In Kids – What You Need To Know

We know that it’s vital for our kids to get plenty of nutrients, so they can be happy and healthy. But what if their bodies are causing them to excrete vital nutrients needed for growth and wellbeing? One condition that can cause this issue is pyrrole disorder. Pyrrole disorder is not well understood. Many doctors…

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Anxiety In Children – A Naturopathic Approach

According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 14 kids between 4-17 will experience an anxiety disorder. Many more will experience the feeling of anxiety at some point during childhood. Anxiety tends to occur during times of change. Experiences like going back to school, moving from primary school to high school and travel can lead to symptoms…

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The Foundations Of Healthy Food For Kids

Nutrition and diet can be over complicated these days. But it doesn’t have to be complex. That’s why I want to take it back to the basics of choosing healthy food for kids. When you get the foundation right, it makes a massive impact on every area of your child’s health. Watch the video below…

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy Over Christmas – 10 Simple Tips

Keeping your kids healthy over Christmas can be a struggle. Everyone has end of year events like concerts and Christmas parties. These celebrations mean lots of junk food, sugar and additives for your kids, which is not a good mix! So it’s good to think about realistic ways to navigate this time of year. Watch…

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Feeding Picky Eaters? Easy Ways To Sneak Extra Nutrition In

Feeding picky eaters is one of the most common challenges that parents can face. It can make mealtimes a nightmare, but it can also raise concerns about whether your fussy eater is getting enough nutrients. Kids have a higher demand for nutrients compared to adults, as they are still growing. But when it comes to…

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Got A Picky Eater? 3 Habits That Make Your Kids Fussy With Food

It’s not unusual for a child to be a picky eater at some stage during their life. Some of this can be put down to the underlying causes of fussy eating, affecting how their body reacts to certain foods. But the habits of the entire family can influence how long this phase continues for. Sometimes,…

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Fussy Eating: The 3 Underlying Causes You Need To Know

One of the most common challenges when it comes to a child’s nutrition is fussy eating. Sometimes, this can come down to the behaviours and habits of both the child and the rest of the family. But most of the time, picky eaters aren’t just wanting to be a source of frustration for you. There…

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Healthy Kids Lunch Options That Are Quick And Easy

Lunch boxes – they are the bane of our existence. As parents, we spend so much time packing a lunch box. But the good news is, you don’t have to pack fancy Instagram-worthy lunchboxes for them to be nourishing. You can keep it simple. There are plenty of healthy kids lunch options that are quick,…

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