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3 Tips to get your kids to Eat More Veggies

  How do you get your kids to eat more veggies? This is one of the most common questions I get asked by the parents that I work with! As parents we KNOW how important veggies are for our kids health and nutrition but what getting your kids to actually eat the veggies you serve them…

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Dairy Free Calcium For Kids

We all know how essential calcium is to the development of our kid’s bones and teeth. But how do you make sure that your kids get calcium when you’ve taken dairy off their diet? Watch the video above (or read below if you would prefer) I talk about the best sources of calcium that are…

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Iodine For Learning And Intelligence

If you want your kids to grow up smart and healthy, make sure they are getting a good amount of iodine in their diet. Iodine deficiency among children is a big problem these days and what’s scarier about it is that we can’t always pick up the signs. So in this video, I’ll help you find…

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Vitamin D for Kids

It’s the vitamin that helps in bone development and is also called the sunshine vitamin. Have you guessed what it is? In this video, I talk about Vitamin D for kids and the important roles that it plays in keeping them healthy. I also talk about how we can make sure we all get our…

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